We make leasing a trailer affordable, safe, and easy.

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Trailer Leasing Made Simple.

Boxwheel owners Mike Di Paolo and Mike Sindelar started this business because they want leasing a trailer to be affordable, safe and easy. No more red tape. No more mountains of paperwork. No more unnecessary rebills.

We bring trailer leasing back to the basics. First, we listen closely to understand your specific needs. Then, drawing upon expertise developed from decades of experience, our veteran staff helps you find the solution best-suited for your job. Lastly, we keep the paperwork minimal. Our one-page application makes leasing quick and simple, and we can approve your insurance on the spot. After that, the trailer is yours to take!

Why Boxwheel trailer leasing?


What you see is what you get. We won't hammer you with rebills.


Each and every trailer we offer is inspected, maintained, and reliable.


No red tape. No mountain of paperwork. We're easy to do business with.

"When you rent a box on wheels, customer service is the only thing you can sell."

What others are saying...

We're easy to do business with!

When it comes down to it, we know you want the right trailer, for the right price at the right time. Simple as that.

Leasing a Boxwheel trailer in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Step 1

Contact us to discuss your needs

Step 2

Step 2

One page application process

Step 3

Step 3

Pick up your trailer!

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