Boxwheel Trailer Leasing Phoenix Az

Renting or Leasing a Semi Trailer

At Boxwheel, we know how valuable your time is. That’s why our three-step semi trailer renting or leasing process is fast and efficient.

Lease a Boxwheel Trailer in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Contact us

Step 1

Contact us to discuss your needs

Step 2 - One Page Application Process

Step 2

One page application process

Step 3 – Pick up your Trailer

Step 3

Pick up your trailer!

1. Contact us to discuss your needs.
Our top priority is understanding your requirements so we can get you the local cartage trailer, over the road trailer, or storage trailer that best meets them. What trailer length do you need? Are you looking for roll doors or swing doors? What rental term makes sense? How urgent is your need? What are your budget constraints? Our staff asks the right questions and then listens carefully to the answers.

2. Complete our one-page application.
We’ve eliminated the red tape and piles of paperwork for renting or leasing a semi trailer. Simply complete the short application and provide it to us along with your insurance certificate. We review your information promptly and then you are good to go!

Download the application form and insurance information (PDF).
Download the Standard Terms and Conditions (PDF)

3. Pick up your trailer.
We inspect and prep your trailer before you arrive, so all you have to do is pull in, hook up, and head out. We’re always up for a cup of coffee, but if you need to get on the road, we ensure you can do that without delay.

Dry van trailers? Flatbed trailers? Refrigerated trailers? Liftgate trailers? We have a wide selection of semi trailers, which means you have access to whatever you need to keep your company moving forward.

After contacting us and agreeing on the right trailer for your application, filling out our 1-page application and insurance form, you are ready to visit our trailer yard and pick up your trailer. It’s as easy as that! We know you will be more than satisfied with your decision to do business with Boxwheel Trailer.

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