Semi Trailer Leasing, Sales, and Storage: Frequently Asked Questions

What paperwork is required to rent or lease a semi trailer from Boxwheel?

All you need is an approved application and proof of insurance.

What are the insurance requirements to rent or lease a semi trailer from Boxwheel?

You must have collision and liability insurance in effect when you pick up your trailer and throughout the rental or lease term. This coverage must include $1 million in auto liability and physical damage coverage.

What payment options are available when I rent or lease a semi trailer from Boxwheel?

We accept check, ACH, wire and credit card payments.

Is there a mileage charge on semi trailer rentals and leases? If so, how is it determined?

Yes, there is a mileage charge to cover wear and tear on tires, brakes and other components. We use Spireon GPS technology to track mileage in real time and bill for those miles on a regular basis so you aren’t hit with a large mileage charge at the end of your lease.

How are trailer repairs handled?

We have in-house and mobile repair teams, and also provide 24/7 nationwide breakdown coverage.

In addition to renting and leasing, do you offer semi trailers for sale?

Yes, we have a large inventory of semi trailers for sale, which includes all of our rental fleet.

Do you provide trailer storage?

We provide storage at your location or ours.

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