Rent, Lease or Buy Semi Trailers from Boxwheel

Busy companies need fast, reliable access to trailers, and they need that access on terms that work for them. At Boxwheel, we can meet your requirements in multiple ways. We provide over the road trailers for rent if you have a short-term need, supply semi trailers for lease to accommodate more long-term needs and can help you manage your products or materials with semi trailer storage at your site or on our large, secure lot.

Plus, if you’re looking to grow your cartage operations, all of our high-quality, expertly-maintained semi trailers from leaders like Utility, Great Dane, Wabash and others are available for sale. And we understand that time is money for our customers, so all of our application and review processes are fine-tuned to get you the capacity you need quickly and efficiently.

Boxwheel also offers trailer pickup, delivery and relocation services.

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