Business transportation capabilities cover the spectrum, from large corporations that maintain massive truck and semi trailer fleets to small businesses that own no vehicles or trailers. But nearly all companies experience situations when having a trusted semi trailer provider comes in handy.

Maybe your business needs extra capability when shipping orders at the end of every month. Or perhaps order volumes spike around specific seasons or holidays, requiring additional semi trailers. Whatever the reason you might need to rent or lease semi trailers, it’s nice to know who to call and, ideally, to have a good working relationship with the provider.

And that statement applies to companies of all sizes. Many small businesses mistakenly believe that semi trailer providers only work with big corporations. We can’t speak for others in our industry, but that’s not true for Boxwheel. We understand that companies large and small can benefit from easy access to a large selection of well-maintained dry van, refrigerated, liftgate, and other semi trailers.

This article explains why every business owner or decision-maker should have a trusted semi trailer provider in their Contacts list.

It’s About More Than the Semi Trailers

One reason your small business should have a relationship with a semi trailer provider is that you get much more than the equipment. Working with Boxwheel, for instance, you get our in-the-trenches insights on a wide range of topics that can help you run your business more efficiently and profitably, including:

  • Reverse logistics
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Transportation trends (technological advances, government regulations, etc.)
  • Operational improvements (like how to increase fuel efficiency or reduce transportation costs)
  • Using semi trailers for storage
  • And many more

We don’t provide this valuable information as a formal “service.” Instead, it’s shared in informal conversations with our team members as you call to reserve a trailer, pick up or return equipment, etc. Essentially, we become something similar to a third-party logistics (3PL) partner to our clients.

Semi Trailers as Mobile “Storage Facilities”

Another benefit of having a preferred semi trailer provider is that semi trailers can be used for storage. Increasingly, businesses are finding building or even renting or leasing warehouse space cost-prohibitive.

So, what do they do in the face of growing requirements for space to store materials, products awaiting delivery, items returned by customers, etc.? They rent semi trailers, park them on their property or an affordably rented parcel of land, and use them as movable mini warehouses. It’s an excellent solution to a perplexing problem!

Semi trailers are roomy and secure. They protect assets from the elements and can be repositioned easily if needed. And crucially, a strategy that utilizes them can be scaled up or down rapidly as conditions warrant.

For example, imagine that a small company finds a great deal on components needed to produce its products but doesn’t have room to store those resources at its production facility. Rather than losing the savings due to space constraints, they can quickly arrange to rent or lease as many semi trailers as needed to accommodate the quantity of components they decide to purchase.

Their “warehouse” capacity scales cost-effectively virtually overnight. Then, as they consume the components in their manufacturing processes, they can return the trailers they no longer need.

Our Streamlined Process Makes Semi Trailer Rentals or Leasing Simple

While businesses of any size can benefit from Boxwheel’s streamlined semi trailer leasing and rental process, it is particularly helpful to smaller companies.

Larger organizations often have a person or entire department tasked with managing their transportation requirements and capabilities. At a small company, that responsibility may fall on someone with many others. Consequently, that person appreciates a simple, three-step process like ours:

  1. Contact us to discuss your needs. Our experienced team will ask a few questions about your requirements and then quickly recommend the type of equipment best suited for your goals.
  2. Complete a one-page application. If you’ve ever struggled through a long, complex document to get a semi trailer, you’ll be happy to learn that we can get all the information we need from you in one page!
  3. Pick up your trailer. We have your equipment cleaned, inspected and prepped for you whenever you want to obtain it. We can also deliver trailers to your location, like when you lease a semi trailer for storage purposes.

As critical as semi trailers are to business operations, it feels like the process of getting them ought to be more complicated. But with Boxwheel, it isn’t. We’ve gone to great lengths to simplify our procedures because we know you want to get your equipment and move on to other tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Talk With Us Today So You’re Ready To Rent or Lease a Semi Trailer Down the Road

The need for high-quality, professionally maintained semi trailers can come up at any time. Consequently, it’s wise to be proactive and contact us to discuss your requirements and our inventory and services at your earliest convenience. A quick conversation is all it takes to get answers to any questions you have. Then, you can relax and enjoy the reassurance of knowing where to go when you need semi trailers for your small business and that Boxwheel “has your back.”

We frequently field inquiries that start with, “We don’t need semi trailers today, but…” and are happy to talk with business owners, transportation coordinators, and other decision-makers. When it comes to business success, preparation is half the battle, and we welcome any opportunity to put your mind at ease about your unique transportation challenges!

Boxwheel rents and leases reefers, dry vans, and liftgate semi trailers from the best manufacturers in the business, including Great Dane, Utility and Wabash. And just as importantly, we provide exceptional service to companies of all sizes throughout the southwestern U.S.—Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Texas.

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