For many companies, semi trailers are an essential part of their operations. Whether they’re shipping hard goods in dry vans, perishables in reefers or large loads on flatbeds, they must have the equipment necessary to get the job done correctly.

But successful businesses look beyond simply having an adequate supply of semi trailers. They focus on having the right trailers. What’s meant by the right trailers? Several things, including that:

  • They’re properly serviced and in excellent working order. An equipment failure can cause unexpected delivery delays that test a customer’s patience and strain business relationships. And if a company and its customers experience too many problems, the organization can get a bad reputation that hurts its future business prospects.
  • They have the right features and functions for the job. Truckers, warehouse workers and other logistics personnel are good at what they do and typically can find a workaround for any challenge. But they shouldn’t have to waste valuable time finding solutions. For example, if a job requires a liftgate semi trailer, that’s what they should use. They’ll figure out a way to get a dry van loaded, of course, but everything goes more smoothly if they have the appropriate equipment.
  • They look well-maintained. When it comes to transporting goods and materials, some would argue that a semi trailer’s looks don’t matter. However, the reality is that in situations where everything else is equal, a prospective customer is likely to lean toward the company whose equipment has a more professional appearance. It reflects well on the customer in general and the decision-maker in particular.

Every business owner knows that cutting corners never leads to success. Companies that use low-end equipment sometimes save a few dollars taking that approach, but they ultimately pay a price for their decision.

Advantages of Using the Best Leased or Rented Semi Trailers

One of the most effective ways to ensure you always have access to the right semi trailers is to develop a relationship with a company like Boxwheel Trailer Leasing that has a large inventory of clean, well-maintained equipment.

That relationship does more than just allow you to meet your trailer needs. It can actually help you grow your business. How? In multiple ways, including:

  • Avoiding service disruptions. Not surprisingly, customers prefer to work with companies with operational processes and industry connections that enable them to keep goods and materials moving smoothly and according to agreed-upon timelines. When you can leverage leased or rented semi trailers from a top-notch provider as needed (like when one of yours is out of commission), that agility impresses customers and prospects and can earn you more business.
  • Enabling seamless company expansion. In some cases, the demand for a company’s products grows faster than its ability to purchase the equipment needed to transport them. Leasing or renting semi trailers can allow you to expand your offerings without a large capital investment in equipment. It also means you don’t have to rely on a third-party shipping company if you prefer to do your own transportation.
  • Allowing you to “flex” as needed. Many companies experience temporary or seasonal spikes in shipping volumes. One way to accommodate those increases is to have enough semi trailers on hand. However, that means maintaining equipment that spends a portion of the year—sometimes a significant portion—sitting idle. And that’s effectively money down the drain. Access to a deep semi trailer inventory allows you to increase capacity quickly as needed. That’s especially true if you work with a provider like Boxwheel that has an efficient three-step process for obtaining a trailer.
  • Enabling onsite storage. As with shipping capacity, a growing business may also exceed its storage capacity. Dry van trailers parked on company property or at an offsite location can immediately and significantly expand an organization’s ability to store everything from incoming parts and materials to outgoing products. And although the trailers are stationary, their functionality and appearance are still important. No customer or prospect wants to see that your business has “rough-looking” trailers parked on your property and wonder if their contents are in similar shape!

Do You Have the Right (Semi Trailer) Tools for the Job?

There’s bad and good news about equipping your company with the appropriate semi trailers. The bad news is that if you fail to do so, you’ll hurt your business today and in the future. The good news is that getting high-quality equipment doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.

At Boxwheel, we make it easy in multiple ways. In addition to our extensive inventory and streamlined trailer renting and leasing processes, we take a consultative approach to helping you determine your trailer requirements.

Our owners and team members have decades of cumulative industry experience. Drawing on that background, we can talk with you about how your company operates and what your business objectives are and recommend the ideal equipment from leading providers like Great Dane, Wabash and Utility.

Whether you need semi trailers right away or are looking ahead to future requirements, it makes sense to learn about our inventory, processes and services. We can talk with you about the types and sizes of trailers we have, available features and how we inspect and maintain our equipment.

At the end of a conversation, you’ll understand why we’re a trusted and respected industry leader, and you’ll be confident you can rely on us. Then, when you’re ready to increase your shipping or storage capacity, all it takes is a quick phone call to get the ball rolling and reserve your trailers.

Contact Boxwheel Trailer Leasing today, and let’s discuss your trailer needs and how we can help you meet them.

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