If your company brings in or ships out anything from raw materials to finished products, you probably utilize semi trailers of various types. This may include dry vans, refrigerated trailers, flatbeds, lift gates, etc. If you provide that equipment, you know that it requires significant work to keep track of your inventory, including ensuring that every trailer is maintained correctly.

Increasingly, companies are taking a new approach. Many are choosing to outsource the management of their semi trailer fleet. Rather than owning one or more trailers, they turn to a company like Boxwheel Trailer Leasing that provides top-quality, professionally maintained equipment to meet all their needs.

By outsourcing their semi trailer fleet management, they enjoy many financial and operational benefits.

Semi Trailer Fleet Outsourcing: Why It’s to Your Company’s Advantage

Whether your company is a startup preparing to make your first deliveries or a veteran organization looking to improve its operations, outsourcing your semi trailer needs provides eight crucial advantages.

  1. Cost-effective transportation. As regulations change and overhead and related costs increase, using an outsourced semi trailer solution makes even more financial sense. When you do, you hand the responsibility of meeting regulatory requirements to your trailer provider.
  2. A semi trailer strategy customized to your needs. Your equipment provider works with you to understand the weight and size of the cargo you typically haul and the loading and unloading challenges you face. Then they develop a plan that gives you the right quantities of the right equipment to meet your needs. That means you’re not paying for more capacity than you require but also that your needs don’t exceed your capacity. Even companies that have used semi trailers for years or decades can benefit from the outside perspective of a trailer provider like Boxwheel.
  3. Fleet maintenance and administrative services. Performing maintenance on your trailer fleet requires a significant commitment of time and resources. Imagine how your company would benefit if you spent those hours on other tasks! Outsourcing your semi trailer fleet frees people to tackle other, more strategic projects. The same is true of the administrative red tape that comes with owning and operating semi trailers. But you can leave it all in the capable hands of your semi trailer leasing company. And because their team members work with multiple client companies, they are continually immersed in rules and regulations that you may not know about.
  4. The ability to focus on your business. You and your team likely have your hands full with attracting customers, obtaining the parts and materials your business needs, fulfilling orders and getting products to their destination. You probably don’t have the time, energy or inclination to ensure you have adequate transportation capacity. But your semi trailer provider does. At Boxwheel, understanding and meeting your requirements is what we do.
  5. Vital data insights. Ideally, the organization that supplies you with semi trailers should be more than a provider. They should also function as consultants, continually assessing data to help you increase the efficiency of your transportation operations. That’s true whether you operate a massive fleet or just a few trailers. Efficiency gains are valuable in every transportation environment.
  6. Reduced operational risk. If you operate a semi trailer fleet, that activity has an inherent risk. Much of that risk comes from ensuring that you continually comply with state and federal regulations so that you don’t face fines and penalties. If you outsource your semi trailer fleet, your provider is responsible for staying current on the rapidly evolving rules related to transportation operations.
  7. Crucial operational flexibility. How do you handle unexpected spikes in shipping volumes? If your company is like most, you end up scrambling to get more capacity. When you outsource your semi trailer fleet management, all it takes is one call to arrange for additional equipment for short-term use. The same applies to making long-term changes in capacity.
  8. Readily available storage. Not every business is aware that they can use semi trailers as additional storage space at their location. However, those businesses that recognize the value of trailers in this role no longer have to worry about what to do with excess materials, parts or products. Finding and leasing off-site warehouse space can take time and may be expensive. Your semi trailer fleet management partner can deploy trailers to any location and the equipment provides ample, secure storage that is very affordable.

Outsourcing Your Semi Trailer Needs Is Simple

If your company has never outsourced services before, you might think it’s a complicated process. But with Boxwheel, it’s actually very easy—just like it’s simple to rent or lease a semi trailer from us.

It starts with a conversation about your needs. What quantities of materials, parts or products do you transport? At what intervals? Do you have storage requirements? After getting your answers to questions like these, we develop a plan for supplying you with the types of trailers you need when you need them.

And as your requirements evolve, our services can change with them. Boxwheel’s industry veterans understand the pressure companies are under to transport assets efficiently and cost-effectively. We’ve designed our processes to make getting equipment from us as streamlined and straightforward as possible.

Important First Steps for Starting Your Semi Trailer Outsourcing

Before we ever talk about your specific semi trailer needs, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our trailer inventory, how we maintain our equipment, etc. We also encourage you to talk with organizations that use our services today or have used them in the past. They’ll make it clear that our top priority is making their job easier.

Boxwheel has the flatbed, lift gate, reefer, and dry van semi trailers you need to keep resources coming and going and help your business thrive.

Contact us today to learn more about us and our services in areas around the Southwest U.S., including Denver, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Reno and El Paso. Many of those locations have joined the Boxwheel family in recent years as the demand for rented and leased trailers has skyrocketed and we’ve responded.

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